Silence like a cancer grows

by G.T. Hayes on June 20, 2010

Maybe they are thinking, “I’d trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday”?

UPDATE:  Tour cancelled

When was the last time you heard a Simon and Garfunkel tune on the radio?  Maybe it was gurgling from a Muzak speaker someplace?  Their last recording with original material was 1982 from a live concert in Central Park. In their day, they were a tremendous musical force. The last time they performed together was 2004, when they did a short reunion tour. This year’s tour was  postponed in April due to Garfunkel “straining his voice cords.” The tour is now scheduled to start July 3 in Canada.

Simon and Garfunkel obviously have improved with age, if ticketprices are any measure.  The price of a nose-bleed ticket in a mega arena starts at $76 and some are going for $200.

A seat where you could actually see them is going to be plenty pricey.  Both Simon and Garfunkel are in their late 60s and that begs the question if nostalgia is worth the price of admission?  They intend to rake in an estimated $31 million in revenue during the month of July, or a little more than people their age will pull in on Social Security any month.

The duo has an impressive catalog of work, and each is a remarkable songwriter. Most fans cherish their work and have fond memories of events while the music was fresh, but $200 ticket prices?  Frankly, that’s what most older music lovers budget for an entire year of musical entertainment.

Paul Simon owns the copyrights to his songs, so let’s hope it isn’t an issue of money.  Remember, the last artistic effort by either was Simon’s attempt to break into Broadway musicals, which was rather stillborn.

Maybe they are thinking; “I’d trade all of my tomorrows for just one yesterday”

UPDATE;  Tour cancelled

The Simon & Garfunkel tour that had been set for July has now

been postponed indefinitely. The tour, originally set for April

and then rescheduled for July, is now on hold as Art Garfunkel

continues to recover from a vocal paresis. According to his doctors,

Art is expected to make a full recovery, however they cannot predict

an exact timeline. This condition (paresis) inhibits the duo from

performing shows at the highest possible level and it is for that

reason and out of respect for their fans that Paul and Art have

decided to put the tour on hold.

Simon & Garfunkel regret any inconvenience this has caused

their fans and are looking forward to rescheduling the dates when

Art fully recovers. Art says, “I do feel bad about disrupting so

many people’s plans but, as I continue to mend, I can’t yet bring

my ‘A Game’ to a tour, and I would not perform for you with

anything less.”

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